About us



Cardin was launched in 1990, with the intention of providing customers apparel that was not only crafted with quality but offered value for money as well!
The first step towards ensuring this is to source our raw materials only from the best manufacturing houses. Not just satisfied with that, we also set up our own in-house finishing unit.This way, you are assured that every piece of ready-garment that rolls out to the stores has been subjected to stringent quality checks right from the beginning.

With an experience of 20+ years in manufacturing garments, our portfolio boasts of a varied collection of Smart Formals, Cool Casuals and Denims.

Our apparel range includes a wide assortment of:

  • Shirts – formal office wear shirts, slim fit shirts, 100%cotton shirts, short shirts, party wear shirts, linen shirts, apple cut shirts.
  • Trousers – formal office wear trousers, 100% cotton trousers, trendy trousers, structured trousers.
  • Denim – stretch jeans, silky stretch jeans, designer jeans
  • T-shirts – round neck t-shirts, printed T-shirts, collar stripes t-shirts, 100% mercerised cotton t-shirts, knitted t-shirts Our aim as always is to provide our Customers with garments that are of the highest quality so that we can adhere to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves!



Mr Malshi Gala, a man with a vision. Our founder and mentor – who passionately launched Cardin after having experience in the garment industry for over 35 years. His familiarity with the fabrics that he works with is unparalleled. He has worked painstakingly over the years to ensure that every ready-garment that rolls out to stores is crafted to his exacting standards.

Mr. Gala launched Cardin in 1990 with the vision to bring affordable and stylish clothing to the masses. For him, Cardin was to be synonymous with 3 ideals:

  • Quality that can be trusted
  • Variety that boggles the mind
  • Value for Money!

With 20+ years spent safeguarding these ideals, we’ve ensured that every Cardin garment you hold is the best your money can buy!